Reconnecting With my customers through the online store

My name is Gregory 'Chef Greg' Anagnos, a retired restauranteur. I am on a journey of reconnecting with the people who have eaten at my restaurant in the past 15 years. After I sold my restaurant, I started Medusa's Kitchen to share my recipes, seasonings, sauces, and restaurant memorabilia like dinner plates, platters, and wine pourers. Some of these items are available on my store.


My Story

I grew up in the hospitality industry, with my family owning a restaurant in 1972. I went to a culinary school in New York and graduated in 1982. Since finishing my studies, I immediately joined the industry. I have worked as a professional chef in hotels and restaurants for over forty years.

I opened my restaurant in 2006, and it has since been my practice to prepare and cook quality food from scratch.

My Long-Lasting Commitment

From the start of my journey in the hospitality sector, I have always promoted:

  • Composting
  • Recycling
  • Cooking in a clean environment
  • Showing respect to food by not wasting it

Change of Venture

In 2021, I decided to sell my restaurant and started a YouTube channel. I create and publish cooking videos. Apart from content creation, I am also providing personally blended seasonings sauces, knives, along with medusa plate ware, silverware and china. Additionally, I am now producing my own handmade pottery that will be available to purchase. I believe that through these products, I will be able to engage with my former customers.


Spice Up Your Cooking Skills With My Products

Relive your dining experience at my restaurant by purchasing seasonings, sauces, and memorabilia. Browse through my website and shop today.

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