Ham and cheese

Ham & Cheese Crepe w/ Mushroom Sauce

crepe batter-

9oz flour

4oz sugar

1tsp salt

2each whole eggs(extra large)

16oz whole milk

2oz melted unsalted butter

mix all ingredients till smooth, do not over mix. let rest 30 minutes for a more tender crepe.

3oz thin sliced smoked ham

4oz muenster cheese

place on crepe when you flip crepe, cook another 60-90 seconds


2oz unsalted butter

2oz shallots sliced

4oz sliced mushrooms

2oz white wine dry

6oz heavy cream or half&half

1oz buerre manier(soft butter & flour-1/2oz each mixed together)

salt and fresh pepper tt

1T chopped Italian parsley

saute shallots and mushrooms in butter till soft, deglaze with white wine, add cream and bring to a quick simmer add buerre manier to thicken, season with salt and pepper.

pour sauce over crepes and garnish with dill.