Gluten free Crepes Suizette

A Plate of Gluten free Crepes Suzette

batter 9oz casava flour (by weight) 16oz whole milk 4oz sugar 2ea whole egg 1t salt – kosher 2oz melted butter mix all ingredients till smooth, use within 3 days, best used cold. heat skillet (non-stick or well seasoned) 240* cook crepe till golden and reserve build sauce in pan 2oz fresh lemon 4oz fresh…

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Sesame Chicken

Rice and chicken

1lb – fresh chicken thighs (cut into 1″ pieces) 2T soy sauce 1T sugar 2ea clove garlic smashed 1/2oz ginger fresh smashed 2T rice wine vinegar 1t white pepper 1T arrowroot or cornstarch marinate chicken for 30 minutes and no longer than 4 hours. Sauce- 2ea garlic cloves smashed 2oz ginger smashed 2T chili paste…

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Parmesan Risotto

A Blue Plate of Parmesan Risotto

8oz risotto (precooked) 8oz heavy cream 6oz Pecorino Romano 1T fresh tarragon 2oz unsalted butter kosher salt & pepper tt place precooked risotto into saute pan or small sauce pot with cream and bring to a vigorous simmer add cheese and stir in with heat on until thickened, add tarragon, butter, salt and pepper to…

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Pan Seared Salmon w/ buerre blanc

Pan Seared Salmon and buerre blanc

12oz salmon filet (deboned, fresh, wild caught, sliced thin 1oz avocado oil 2oz shallots fine minced 1ea garlic clove fine minced 2oz white wine dry 1oz fresh lemon juice 1oz heavy cream 1T tarragon chopped 4oz unsalted butter (very cold) salt & pepper tt Saute salmon in non stick skillet with avocado oil till medium…

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Ham & Cheese Crepe w/ Mushroom Sauce

Ham and cheese

crepe batter- 9oz flour 4oz sugar 1tsp salt 2each whole eggs(extra large) 16oz whole milk 2oz melted unsalted butter mix all ingredients till smooth, do not over mix. let rest 30 minutes for a more tender crepe. 3oz thin sliced smoked ham 4oz muenster cheese place on crepe when you flip crepe, cook another 60-90…

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Key Lime Pie

Lime pie

crust- 1/2 grahm cracker crumbs 14oz white chocolate pretzels blend ingredients till fine crumb and press into deep 9″ pie shell and bake at 350 degrees for 8-12 minutes to light brown. filling- 3 cans sweetened condensed milk 1 1/2 cup greek yogurt 1T lime zest 12oz lime juice mix all ingredients till smooth, place…

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crust- 12oz grahm cracker ground 1/2 brown sugar 4oz unsalted butter 1tsp salt 2tsp ground cinnamon mix all ingredients and press into 9″ deep pie shell filling- 2lb cream cheese 1lb sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1T vanilla bean paste 4oz lemon juice 24oz heavy cream 1oz gelatin & 2oz water whip cream cheese with sugar…

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Italian Sausage

Italian sausage

Ingredients: 2 lb – ground pork ½ tbsp – fennel seeds ½ tbsp – salt 2 tsp – black pepper (freshly ground) 2 tbsp – Italian parsley (finely chopped) Directions: Mix all ingredients together in a cold bowl and portion into 3oz patties. Grill or pan sear. Serve with roasted peppers, polenta and tomato sauce…

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Chicken Francese

Chicken francese

Ingredients: 1 lb – chicken breast (skinless-boneless) ½ cup – flour 2 oz – olive oil 2 – eggs 2 oz – parmesan 2 oz – white wine 1 oz – lemon juice 1 tbsp – shallots (finely diced) 2 tsp – garlic (finely diced) 2 oz – Veal glace 1 tsp – fresh Italian…

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Ingredients: 2 lb – ground lamb 2 tsp – salt 1 tsp – pepper 2 – eggs ½ cup – parmesan 1 cup – breadcrumbs 2 tsp – mint 2 tsp – parsley 1 tsp – garlic (minced) 1 oz – onion (minced) As needed – olive or avocado oil As needed – flour Directions:…

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